Why should slavery be abolished?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen to this meeting of the Abolition of human slavery. Today, I will be explaining and summarising the impacts and effects slavery has had during the years. I will be talking about how enslavement became strict, how rulers and kings turned against their people, and the diseases that slavery brought. Even if I don't satisfy you with these explanations, I strongly agree that slavery should be abolished as soon as possible.
Enslavement became highly strict as people were enslaved and captured forcefully for no absolute reason. Men, women and even young children were traded as slaves forcefully by rulers around the globe. A strong example that supports my explanation is slaves getting shipped to different locations such as France, UK, and Portugal. Slaves were transported using the triangular trading method. This method was used to ship slaves evenly to different parts of France, the UK, Portugal and some other countries. This is a forceful argument for decreasing slavery and its harms. Although the evidence that I have collected and examined, briefly shows and that this argument should be a reasonably convincing argument to reduce and slowly stop the harms of many that are enslaved. However, having people put to slavery, European colonizers and free settlers migrated to the coasts of Africa to start businesses using Africans as slaves.
European colonisers and free settlers began to migrate and settle in lands out of their native continents (also known as the white plague). In addition to this, colonisers and free settlers began to invade and colonise the lands of Africa to mostly produce wine and sugar, this is when the colonisers started to capture Africans surprisingly fast to work as slaves. As the Europeans captured more and more slaves, they started selling them to the Mediterranean in which they would receive high profits With that being said, this explanation contributes aggressively towards the abolishment of slavery as it started and spread enslavement rapidly across the globe. The white plague caused significantly high amounts of benefits and disadvantages for Africans. With this in mind, I believe that this strong and well-supported argument should convince the leaders and rulers to abolish slavery throughout the globe. While more and more slaves were being transported and shipped to different locations on the globe, diseases started spreading between slaves.
European and African diseases spread across the continent rapidly as all the slaves were in a compact huddle all the time. Some of the examples that I have seen that show and prove that this problem happened was when workers were forced to onto the ships that they were transported on and are huddled together and have no space to move to a different position, because of the great number of slaves that were being transported at a time. This factor supports strongly the abolishment of slavery. The disease spread easily because when one catches this disease, it is then spread rapidly across the ship, and move onto their supervisor and their families and so on. This argument is the most important argument that I will be addressing you today. The diseases that the slaves caught weren't small and harmless diseases, the diseases that they caught were dangerous and deadly for humans to receive some examples of the diseases that the slaves caught include tetanus, nascentium or "nine-day fits", high infant mortality, diphtheria, cholera, typhoid and much more. Therefore, if the disease were to spread then there would have been thousands of deaths in a single period of time. In other words, I strongly and deeply believe that slavery should be abolished at all costs in each and every part of the world to this concern.
To summarise, out of all these explanations that I have addressed you with, I claim that the most inhumane judgement is the rapid spreading of deadly diseases. This argument is the most aggressive and inhumane because of the immense number of deaths and illnesses that slaves had to experience and go through. I had trouble doing my essay. But what a luck, I've found this rhetorical essay topics base. I've read so many samples of assignments there, and it helped me to create my own one.